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Quality Control of Electronic Components: What Does It Really Mean?

Time:2022-08-16 07:34:58Visits:495

Quality Control of Electronic Components: What Does It Really Mean?

Quality control in electronic components is a dynamic endeavor. Responding to threats, training inspectors, refining supplier relationships — your electronic components supplier should engage on all fronts of the quality control process. While there is always room for improvement, here are some key differentiators that set an exceptional electronic components provider apart in a competitive industry.

Creating a dialogue for ongoing improvement.

The electronic components supply chain is vulnerable. The propensity for counterfeit and non-conforming parts to slip increases during times of shortage. But the process of ensuring that all electronic components are up to the highest standards is not solely reactive. While a defensive posture towards this threat is important, the challenge is to remain forward-looking — to grow and improve the whole industry — rather than just weeding out problems as they crop up.

we source our components through a carefully monitored process. Our suppliers are measured. In line with our transparent practices, we provide them with a scorecard that clearly ranks their performance in relation to our proprietary standards. We go beyond written feedback to meet with our suppliers in real time. This happens on a single platform and ensures that we are on the same page as our suppliers when we procure electronic components. This level of transparency sets us apart.

Taking quality control to new levels.

Inspections are critical. A multi-layered process prioritizes security, but it’s important to look into how the process is done. Details such as what standards are used and how rigorously they are applied should be readily available. Qualified inspectors are a must. we go above and beyond in quality control by using an inspection process that incorporates both highly qualified inspectors and engineers. Working together, they ensure optimal testing is performed, every time.

Our results drive your success.

With high-reliability verticals, there is no option for failure. Unfortunately, counterfeit and non-conforming parts continue to plague this vertical. That is where our perfect record comes in. With over a billion parts processed with zero conformance problems, we stand out. And this same record applies to our products used across all verticals. High-reliability or otherwise, we understand that your success is built on the reliability of the components we process. This relationship of trust drives our commitment to exceptional electronics, every day. For more on how we make this happen, contact us.